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Info About Chimaira Store

            Chimaira is an American metal band founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1998. Chimaira is noted as being a member of the new wave of American heavy metal. The groups original line-up consisted of guitarist Jason Hager and vocalist Mark Hunter. The pair contacted friends and recruited percussionist Jason Genaro and bassist Andrew Ermlick to complete the bands line-up. Throughout the history of the band, they have gone through multiple member changes, now leaving the original front man Mark Hunter. The band has also undergone several changes in their music style, ranging from groove metal to nu metal.

            The band’s name is originally derived from the Greek word Chimera, which is a monstrous creature in Greek mythology, so you know these guys are hard-core. Throughout the bands career, they released 6 studio albums, all with varied success. Chimaira Shirts are a great way to show your support of this sometimes nutty metal band.  In our store, one of the fan favorite Chimaira shirts is a black shirt displaying two skeleton heads with horns on the front, in a blue and green tone. There is a tribal sun image in the background and the group’s name is printed at the bottom in a bold text. On the back there is a smaller image of the two skeletons.