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Description of Big Bang Theory Pint Glasses - Show Logos

Prod. No.: MUG_0105

Quality crafted Big Bang Theory pint glasses come in sets of four with each mug featuring the hit show logos on one side. These are top rack dishwasher safe and made from high quality, clear Libby glass that hold 16 liquid ounces each.

Sheldon Cooper fans will be delighted to know these are paired off so that two of the mugs feature Sheldon's favorite burn, 'BAZINGA!' opposite the shows name, while the other two glasses house a illustration of one of the worlds most popular cats, 'Soft Kitty'!

If you're following the adventures of these super smart, socially awkward Mega-dorks, you already know that Soft Kitty is a song that Mr. Cooper makes his grandmother, and later Penny, sing to him when he is not feeling so hot.

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular shows on television thanks to its cast of relate-able super geniuses who prove that smarts don't always translate into 'cool'. Despite their lack of experience in socializing with other humans, they manage to form meaningful relationships and provide lots of laughs for all.

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