HIM Coasters - Classic HIM Logos

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Description of HIM Coasters - Classic HIM Logos

Prod. No.: COAST_0010

Officially Licensed HIM Coasters

HIM Classic Logos Four Coaster Set and Tin

These HIM coasters feature 4 designs and come in a collectors tin.

HIM's genre is debated in some circles; their musical style is often referred to as "love metal" by Valo and by the group's fans. Ville Valo has stated that the band started as a "Black Sabbath tribute band of sorts".[8] Valo stated in an interview on the Love Metal Archives Vol. I DVD, that he was fed up with journalists and interviewers asking him (Valo), and the rest of the band what the genre of HIM was.

He said in answer to that question, they created the genre "love metal" (which was also the name of their 2003 album.)

Critics have referred to them as gothic rock, gothic metal, alternative rock, hard rock, "neo-glam", alternative metal, doom metal.

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