Slipknot Flask - Maggot Wheel

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Description of Slipknot Flask - Maggot Wheel

Prod. No.: FLASK_0002

Officially Licensed Slipknot Merchandise

Slipknot Maggot Wheel Stainless Steel Flask

Slipknot's masks have been subject of much criticism, generally thought of as a gimmick to try sell their product.

The band however strongly object these claims, proclaiming that the masks are used to draw the attention away from themselves and to the music.

Several members have said how the masks are a visual representation of how the music makes them feel and how they put the members in an animal-like mentality.

The coveralls and numbers are an extension of their anti-image concept they created with the masks.

The integrity of the masks is also a topic of criticism as band members have appeared outside of Slipknot without the masks.

The issue has been addressed by most band members, percussionist Crahan specifically addressed the issue during an interview on The Sauce when discussing the release of their 2006 DVD Voliminal: Inside the Nine, proclaiming that the masks are always going to be part of the Slipknot show.

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