Sons Of Anarchy Pint Glasses - SAMCRO

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Description of Sons Of Anarchy Pint Glasses - SAMCRO

Prod. No.: MUG_0106

We all need a SAMCRO pint glass to fill with milk, water, soda or beers. These mugs are versatile and can hold almost all types of liquid. A SAMCRO pint glass will hold one pint of delicious goodness per glass.

If you buy a SAMCRO pint glass set you can keep one for yourself and give the other three away as a gift. When the person who you give the gift to asks where the fourth mug went just tell them it was "club fees".

These pint glasses come with the word SAMCRO emblazoned halfway up the clear mug in bold black lettering. Around the word is a black line that makes up the motorcycle club's iconic Samcro logo.

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