Eazy E Football T-Shirt - Compton

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Description of Eazy E Football T-Shirt - Compton

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3617

This Eazy-E Football T-shirt is black with white rings sewn around the neckline and sleeve for a football jersey look. Printed on the front is a large logo reminiscent of the L.A. Kings logo which reads “Eazy –E” and “Compton”. There is also a small stencil style image of Eazy-E’s face near the bottom of the logo. The printed image is grey. This is a nice contrast to the bright white rings on this Eazy-E football T-shirt.

Eazy-E is a founding member of the notorious rap group, N.W.A. He passed away in March of 1995. Help keep his memory alive with this rad Eazy-E football t-shirt.

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