Info About The Wall Flag Store

            Band flags are a durable alternative to the traditional poster and are known to withstand the test of time much better than poster paper. A band flag can be folded up with ease and transported safely to another location without the risk of ripping, crumpling or compromising the material. A simple tack can hold the item in place on the wall so hanging this wall art is a no brainer. While dimensions can sometimes vary, these band logo flags typically occur in measurements of three feet wide by four feet long.

            A wall flag usually depicts a popular image associated with the musical group, and a prominent band logo. A group photo, a picture of a musical mascot, or an album cover can all be considered popular subject matter commonly depicted on wall flags. Wall flags can be found on walls, ceilings and in the windows of dormitories across the world.  A few popular bands whose wall flags you can purchase are Iron Maiden, The Grateful Dead, Cradle of Filth & Motorhead among many others. You can also find Generic flags featuring a variety of psychedelic colors and marijuana leaves.