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Prod. No.: FLAG_0024

Officially Licensed Rolling Stones Merchandise

Rolling Stones Album Covers Flag (4 Feet X 4 Feet)

The Rolling Stones early recordings were mainly covers of American blues and R&B songs.

Their 1965 single "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" established The Rolling Stones as a premier rock and roll act.

Starting with their 1966 album Aftermath, the songs of Jagger and Richards, aided by the instrumental experimentation of Jones, expanded an always present stylistic flexibility.

Jones died in 1969 shortly after being fired from the band and was replaced by Mick Taylor. Taylor recorded five albums with The Rolling Stones before quitting in 1974.

Former Faces guitarist Ronnie Wood stepped in and has been with the band ever since. Wyman left the Rolling Stones in 1993; bassist Darryl Jones, who is not an official band member, has worked with the group since 1994.

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