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From First To Last F.F.T.L. Girls T-Shirt

From First To Last girls shirt featuring brightly colored artwork containing a thought bubble that says F.F.T.L. on the front of a black cotton shirt.

After the Aesthetic EP, Reardon was missing by the time they were going to record Dear Diary he had called the band and said he was to be leaving for personal reasons. By this time Jon Weisberg had joined on bass.

The band wanted to move Matt Good to lead vocals. However, Good was reluctant to take on both lead vocal and guitar duties. He wanted From First to Last to have a frontman, to connect with the crowd better.

Using the social networking site MySpace, Good came in contact with a guitarist from California by the name of Sonny Moore. Moore flew to Georgia, where Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Bodycount was being recorded, and was set to be the band's second guitarist.

However, when the other band members heard Moore singing "Featuring Some of Your Favorite Words", they decided that he was much better suited for lead singer than guitarist.

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