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Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3666

Is your husband an irreplaceable, smooth operator with a handsome smile and a hug that melts the stress of your day away? If the answer is even remotely close to yes, you're sitting on a trophy husband.

Tell the world with this Trophy Husband shirt specially designed by the graphic scientists here at ROCKWORLDEAST headquarters to be the first of our new Funny T-Shirts line.

While the term Trophy Husband is destined to be defined by the wife attached to him, we like to think that a man who fills this position deserves an honorary t-shirt to commemorate his husbandry excellence.

On the flip-side, if your husband is the furthest thing away from trophy material, fuel the comedic irony and get him one of these. You never know, it may be the inspiration he needs to ramp up his performance.

A Trophy Husband shirt is great for any occasion, but particularly perfect for all husband centered holidays like the obvious birthday, Christmas and fatherís day and other man celebrated times like the start of the play offs or the Super Bowl!

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