Game Of Thrones T-Shirt - Dragon

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Description of Game Of Thrones T-Shirt - Dragon

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3490

Behold this Game Of Thrones shirt and shiver at the sight of a Dragon crossing the sky in your proximity. Where there is one of these creatures, the Mother Of Dragons is sure to follow. Depending on which house you are loyal to this could either be very good or extremely unsettling resulting in death.

The name of this hit show is written below the beast in white stylized lettering. This image appears on the front of the garment and is centered on the chest area. These are made from 100% top quality cotton that has been pre shrunk for a comfortable fit.

The Game Of Thrones is a riveting television series that follows the power struggle for the crown after the mad king is killed and the kingdom divides its allegiances. There are also dragons. Any other details written here would spoil it for everyone. It's that good that we just can't do that to you.

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