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About Buying Dog Tags, Studs & Wallet Chains

            The jewelry & studs store is known for having some of the coolest and rare band necklaces on the internet. An Iron Maiden necklace with a Killers pendant is a good example of the fine workmanship that goes into each of these chains. Dog tags are another popular offering available in this store. There is no rival to the mega cool Superman dog tag featuring the Solid Steel Superman Logo.

            In the jewelry and studs store you can also find an incredible deal on studs and spikes. Large Pyramid studs measuring 5/8 inches are a popular ingredient for taking a jean jacket or messenger bag to another level. These have become a huge craze in the recent years, with the popularity of studded jean shorts and studded shirts. Buy a few pyramid studs and you can stud almost anything you own. Plus, these are the lowest priced studs anywhere on the planet, so you will not find an better deal elsewhere.

            Additionally, this is the place to score wallet chains made from the highest quality metal that are built to last. The most popular wallet chain in this collection is the Thick Link Chocker style that measures 32 inches in length. If you’re on the hunt for a pant chain, this is the number one place to be.