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Info About The Keychains Store

            Keychains have long been used as a means to keep all important keys available in one place. The key chain can come in an array of styles and if often used to express a personal preference or affiliation with a band a person has an interest in. Sporting a band logo key holder is a subtle way to show support for a favorite band, television show or movie.

            Typically keyrings are made from metal. In some cases, a range of material like plush and rubber are used to recreate the image or band logo. The most popular metal key chain is the Deadmau5 metal keychain which doubles as a light pointer.

            In terms of rubber keychains, the most sought after item in this store is the Nintendo keychain, Mario design. It’s a great gift for all ages and the nostalgia factor runs high for anyone who played the original Mario bros when it came out in the 80’s.