Baphomet Charcoal T-Shirt

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Description of Baphomet Charcoal T-Shirt

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3784

Keep it satanic with ROCKWORLDEAST’s Baphomet T-shirt!

Using the original 19th century drawing created by Eliphas Levi of a sabbatic goat, the Baphomet t-shirt is printed in black on a charcoal grey t-shirt for a gritty dark look. The arms of the baphomet have the latin words “Solve” meaning separate and “Coagula” meaning to join together written on them. The image also contains elements which represent the sum total of the universe. These elements are male and female as well as good and evil. Although the image on the baphomet t-shirt was originally speculated to be the idol worshiped by the Knights Templar the image has most recently been adopted and used by the Church of Satan.

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