Minecraft T-Shirt - Creeper Anatomy

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Description of Minecraft T-Shirt - Creeper Anatomy

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3611

This navy blue Minecraft T-shirt shows what makes a Creeper tick, or should we say Sssssss…BOOM! The print depicts a dissection of the Minecraft villain with key notes on its functions. This item is made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton and is machine washable and is available in standard American sizes.

Minecraft is a popular online video game where one can create their own virtual world through mining and collecting materials such as wood or diamonds. Creepers are dangerous to not only one’s character but also their online creations. Watch out for their warning, the sound of a bomb about to detonate. They have a Kamikaze style attack and will sacrifice themselves to destroy a player’s work!

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