My Little Pony Girls Hoodie - Rainbow Dash

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Description of My Little Pony Girls Hoodie - Rainbow Dash

Prod. No.: SWEAT_0311

Behold this magical My Little Pony girls hoodie made from a luxurious poly/cotton blend, and transform yourself into the beloved Rainbow Dash.

This light blue hooded masterpiece is a licensed product that zips up over the face and features comfortable mesh breathing holes and detachable 100% polyester hair. Remove the hair easily by unfastening the Velcro strip before washing. Note, the circular sticker on the chest is not permanent, it is a stick on including washing instructions for this garment.

This illustrious mare suit also has a intensely cute pair of wings attached to the back. They are just the right size to complete the look, without getting in the way. The finishing touch? Rainbow Dash's signature 'Cutie Mark' is found on the back lower corner of the sweater.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has reached far beyond its intended demographic to hold the attention of much older fans of varying ages, locations and gender. Bronies and Pegasisters have fleshed out and expanded the horizons of the pony culture to be an inclusive and encouraging community.

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