Nightmare Before Christmas T-Shirt - King Jack Badge

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Description of Nightmare Before Christmas T-Shirt - King Jack Badge

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_2244

Officially Licensed Nightmare Before Christmas (NBX) Merchandise

Nightmare Before Christmas (NBX) King Jack Badge T-Shirt

While wandering in the hinterlands of his realm, Jack and his ghostly pet dog, Zero, encounter portals leading to other holiday-themed worlds.

Jack accidentally enters Christmas Town, a land of eternal winter, and is amazed by the population's joyfulness ("What's This?").

Jack, wishing to embrace this culture, quickly returns to Halloween Town, where he presents the townspeople with his slightly inaccurate impressions of Christmas.

While Jack may slightly understand Christmas, the townspeople fail to do so and compare everything Jack says to their ideas of Halloween.

Nonetheless interested in the holiday, the townspeople agree to celebrate Christmas this year ("Town Meeting Song").

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