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Officially Licensed Nightmare Before Christmas (NBX) Merchandise

Nightmare Before Christmas (NBX) Lightning Jack T-Shirt

The film begins in Halloween Town, a gothic-themed realm inhabited by various monstrous-looking creatures who make elaborate plans for Halloween every year on October 31, hoping for each Halloween to be superior to the last ("This is Halloween").

Most of these inhabitants see Halloween simply as a celebration of their often macabre specialities and mean no true harm to humanity, although they delight in frightening the latter.

The land is ruled by Jack Skellington, an undead skeleton who is thought to be the scariest being in the entire world.

As the townspeople celebrate their annual ceremony, Jack wonders whether there is more to life than scaring people ("Jack's Lament").

Meanwhile, Sally, a Frankenstein's monster-like Rag Doll, pines for Jack from afar, although she is constantly thwarted by her domineering creator, Doctor Finklestein.

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