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About The Band Posters & Wall Art Store

            Band posters are the ultimate way for a fan to show their appreciation for their favorite musical act, to the world. They can be easily applied to any wall, window or door with a couple of pieces of tape, some thumb tacks or some sticky tack.  A full size band poster usually measures approximately 22 .5 inches by 34 inches and always comes rolled in a protective plastic tube at no extra charge to you.

            Giant band posters are an alternative to the traditional size range and are generally not that much more expensive. The Giant band poster typically measures 44 inches by 60 inches making for a large presence in any room. The Pink Floyd Movie Poster, The Wall design is an excellent visual on this style.

            Band wall art is a more permanent way to show off your love for a favorite band. Band wall plaques are typically composed from a high quality wood moulding and generally feature a solid wood frame. A beautiful a highly popular example of a band wall plaque is the Motorhead wall art with the England logo design.