Pink Floyd T-Shirt - Olympic Stadium

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Description of Pink Floyd T-Shirt - Olympic Stadium

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3769

Take a trip through time with our vintage style Pink Floyd Olympic Stadium t-shirt!

This distressed print is inspired by the record breaking concert played at the famous Canadian venue during their 1977 “In the Flesh” tour. The design of the Pink Floyd Olympic Stadium t-shirt is a mock up concert poster for the event and features the band name, venue and an image of the iconic pig mascot from the tour. The text of the shirt is written in English and French due to the Olympic stadium being in Montreal, Quebec, a bilingual province.

The Olympic Stadium was built for the 1976 summer Olympics, and though it was used mostly for sports related events afterwards, it had its fair share of musical acts. During the Pink Floyd show, over 78,000 people were in attendance giving it the largest paid audience on record! Not to mention the tickets were $10 each, the highest ticket price at the time! Add a bit of rock history to your wardrobe with our new Pink Floyd Olympic Stadium t-shirt!

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