Rush Hoodie - 1977

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Description of Rush Hoodie - 1977

Prod. No.: SWEAT_0317

Shown above is a black Rush Hoodie with the 1977 crown logo expertly stitched on the back. The front of this item features the groups name in large, white text that is richly embroidered across the chest area.

This is a zip up style hooded sweatshirt made from 100% cotton that comes with a patch of confidence on the arm that reads, 'Made of Genuine Rock Worn Fabrics, Driven Over, Stomped On, Slept In, Since 1977.'

The pockets and seams of this item have been contrasted with a white stitch that adds to the premium quality and durability of this garment.

Rush are Canadian rock legends who have been perfecting their musicianship since the mid 60's. During their early days, they were criticized for playing dork loving space nerd tunes that were so mathematically sound binary angels cried each time Alex Lifeson struck a chord. Now they're in the Canadian Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame- How do ya like those apples?

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