Shot Glasses

Info About The Shot Glasses Store

            A shot glass is the perfect vessel for properly delivering one ounce of liquid fluid safely into your system and since one would be lonely by itself, shot glass sets are a party just waiting to happen.  If a great gift is what you seek, shot glasses are a fun way to spoil music lovers and collectors alike.

            The KISS shot glass set is a fine example of the craftsmanship and quality that goes into each glass. Typically, these 1 oz shot glass sets are made from clear Libby glass with a band or entertainment logo printed on one side. These shooters come in a cool window style box in sets of four or six.

            The artwork on these band shot glasses is usually central to iconic images, album covers or the band’s logo and in some cases can include the same image appearing in different colors or configurations.

            Don’t hesitate to crack open the good stuff and pour a celebration round for you and you friends. When you’re barware is as cool as this, you can’t keep it a secret for long.