Sons Of Anarchy Girls T-Shirt - Samcro Pink

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Description of Sons Of Anarchy Girls T-Shirt - Samcro Pink

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3454

Officially Licensed girls Sons Of Anarchy T-shirts featuring a round neckline and made from soft, 100% cotton. A centered chest graphic shows a grinning grim reaper who is clutching a giant scythe still fresh with dripping blood.

In his other hand, this skeleton death bringer holds a crystal ball prophesying certain anarchy. The majority of this illustration is completed in black and white with a contrasting SAMCRO banner at the bottom of the scene, in bright pink.

Sons Of Anarchy is a brilliant masterpiece from the mind of Kurt Sutter who has penned this gang banging, motorcycle riding drama from the start. His leading lady, Gemma Teller is his real life sweetheart and is also known for being a mega babe in the way back when show, "Married With Children".

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