Sons Of Anarchy Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Reaper Crew

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Description of Sons Of Anarchy Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Reaper Crew

Prod. No.: SWEAT_0323

This Sons Of Anarchy long sleeve t-shirt is made from premium quality, 100% cotton that has been pre shrunk to fit naturally to standard US sizing.

The name of the series is pictured on top of a black and white illustration of the shows mascot, a devastatingly grim reaper.
Red lettering runs down the forearm and elbow area on both sides reading 'REAPER CREW'.

Sons Of Anarchy, or SOA is a fictitious television show centered around the world of an outlaw biker gang. It has gained a cult following due to the ingenious presentation of it's story line by master mind Kurt Sutter.

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