Sons Of Anarchy Sweat Pants - Fear The Reaper

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Description of Sons Of Anarchy Sweat Pants - Fear The Reaper

Prod. No.: PANT_0037

We could totally picture Jax wearing the SOA Sweat pants. He’d most likely rock them with his signature white tennis shoes.

The newest SOA Sweat Pants in our line of SAMCRO Merchandise are a nice light grey. They have the iconic Reaper in a round stamp like logo on the right side. On top it reads “Sons of Anarchy” with “Fear the Reaper” below. “SAMCRO” is also printed down below the knee. These sweat pants are designed with a cargo style in mind and have 2 back pockets as well as 2 over sized pockets on each side.

ROCKWORLDEAST’S SOA Sweat pants are sure to keep you warm and snugly all winter long.

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