Sons Of Anarchy T-Shirt - Crystal Ball Reaper

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Description of Sons Of Anarchy T-Shirt - Crystal Ball Reaper

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3654

The reaper is beckoning you to look into the future on the SOA Crystal Ball t-shirt!

Who will die next? Has all Gemma’s bad Karma finally caught up with her? Will Unser’s cancer be the end of him or will it be the Sons who cause his demise? Will Wendy ever use again? What can we expect from Jax next season? So many questions to ask the SOA Crystal ball t-shirt.

This SOA Crystal Ball t-shirts puts the images’ emphasis on the ball the reaper is thrusting forward, showing an Anarchy symbol inside it. Below is a banner that reads “Sons of Anarchy” and in the reapers other hand is a combination of Machine Gun and scythe.

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