Sons Of Anarchy T-Shirt - Reaper On Bike

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Description of Sons Of Anarchy T-Shirt - Reaper On Bike

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3464

Black Sons Of Anarchy shirts broadcasting the SAMCRO emblem on top of a highly stylized black and white photograph of a reaper driving a motorcycle.

This print resides on the chest area of the garment while a full back print shows a close up of a skull with the name of the show written above it in white.

These are made out of premium quality 100% pre shrunk cotton and are available in a variety of standard US sizes.

Sons Of Anarchy is a wildly popular television show that airs on the FX network. It is the brain child of Kurt Sutter and it is a story about a gang of motorcycle driving tough guys who struggle to keep control over the going-ons in their home town. Though its subject matter deals with extreme gangsterism at it's highest level of intensity, it is quite relateable and thus has gained a cult following.

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