Studs & Spikes

Info About The Studs & Spikes Store

            D.I.Y. gurus already know how great the prices on these studs and spikes are. If you are looking to add and edge to virtually any garment, be it a jean jacket, new purse, hat or sweet leather jacket, this is the place for you. Here you can get studs and spikes in a large quantity meaning you get to skip having to scour the city to get a handful of spikes here and there, like back in the pre internet times.

            Pyramid studs have stood the test of time as the all-time most popular style and can be seen gracing the clothing of punk legends like the Sex Pistols, Slayer and Motorhead. Another incredibly popular variation is the cone stud, these are attached in the same fashion as the pyramid however they are conical in shape and are available in several color options including black.

            Spikes differ from their studded counterparts in that they have a pointed tip and generally stand taller off of the fabric. Spikes are slightly heavier in composition and are generally attached to fabric with a screw backing for extra security.