Ugly Christmas Sweater - Humping Reindeer Sweatshirt

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Description of Ugly Christmas Sweater - Humping Reindeer Sweatshirt

Prod. No.: SWEAT_0335

Surely youíve seen our popular Ugly Christmas Sweater t-shirts? We now have the hilarious Humping Reindeer sweatshirt print available on a much warmer Ugly Christmas Sweater!

The graphic itself includes two red reindeer making whoopie on the center of the print, over five red hearts. They appear to be in the forest on a snowy winterís night, all of which is printed on a green, 100% cotton sweatshirt.

Contrary to the reindeer on this Ugly Christmas Sweater, the reindeer mating season typically occurs from September to early November. Perhaps that just shows how truly in love these humping reindeer are!

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