Bob Marley Rubber Wristband Set - One Love

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Description of Bob Marley Rubber Wristband Set - One Love

Prod. No.: WRIST_0130

This Bob Marley rubber wristband set features three different wristbands. Each wristband is half an inch in width and is made of flexible rubber. One Bob Marley rubber wristband bears the words ‘One Love’ on a green wristband with white text, one bears ‘One Heart’ on a yellow wristband with green text and the final bears ‘One World’ on a red wristband with yellow text. Each features a small Bob Marley logo on the side of the band.

Bob Marley, born Nesta Robert Marley, is a Jamaican musician who is perhaps the most well known reggae artist in the world. He has also been credited as popularizing the Rastafarian movement. Bob Marley died of malignant melanoma in 1977, however, even his posthumous releases, such as ‘Buffalo Soldier’ and ‘Iron Lion Zion’ was met with critical acclaim. Perhaps one of the most well known Bob Marley songs is the ‘One Love’ track from the 1977 album, Exodus. The Bob Marley rubber wristband set gets it’s inspiration from this song, as the wristbands feature lyrics from this song.

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