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            Watain is a black metal band from Uppsala, Sweeden formed in 1998. Composed of Erik Danielsson, Hakan Jonsson, Pelle Forseberg, Set Teitan and Alvaro Lillo, upon their formation they originally only played music they liked without any real serious ambition. The band is no stranger to controversy as in 2006 the band performed a Hitler salute and wore shirts of the band, Absurd, which is considered to be a National Socialist black metal band. When asked about the incident, the band laughed it off claiming that National Socialist black metal is “a joke” and ridiculous. As a whole, the band consider themselves theistic Satanists.

                Grim and gruesome, Watain t-shirts resemble the bands ideology. With indecipherable text and confusingly grotesque imagery Watain t-shirts are sure to impress even the most well-versed metal heads. These shirts will not only scare your grandmother, but will also earn you rounds of high fives at any concert you go to. They are an essential item of any head bangers closet. So what are you waiting for? The perfect Watain t-shirt is just around the corner in the Watain store!

                Watain has often been compared to another Swedish black metal band, Dissection. The styles do bear a remarkable resemblance, and the bands in fact share a guitarist, being Set Teitan. Therefore, the bands often share fans and those looking for Dissection t-shirts can take solace in Watain t-shirts if Dissection shirts are not available, and vice versa.