Info About The Disturbed Store

            Disturbed are a American heavy-metal band who grew wildly popular through the mid 2000’s and have had a huge and dedicated following, drawing massive crowds on their numerous world tours. They have been active since 1994 and have since released four #1 albums. In 2011 the band decided to take a hiatus and they made sure to publicize that the decision was mutual and on good terms, with likely plans to work together in the future. At that time they released a B-sides album and then went on to work on their own separate projects.

            Disturbed, much like many other heavy metal bands, have chosen a mascot to represent the band in their album artwork and in their t-shirt designs. The Disturbed mascot is known only as ‘The Guy’. He is a flaming, fiery beast with glowing red eyes and sharp, menacing teeth. Take a look through the Disturbed merchandise store and you can find his image on many of the Disturbed t-shirts available for sale. In many of the designs, The Guy can be seen as a reaper carrying a sithe or as a hooded figure, depending on which era he is from or which album the artwork is associated with on items such as Disturbed backpacks, hoodies, shirts & buttons.

            Even though not all die-hard metal heads are disturbed fans, probably due to their sound leaning toward hard rock and often being quite melodic, one thing we know for sure is, all Disturbed fans are die-hard Disturbed fans!

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