Info About The Pantera Store

            Pantera started out as a glam metal band in Arlington, Texas in 1981 when the Abbot brothers joined forces with drummer Vinnie Paul, guitarist Diamond Darrell (who later became the legendary Dimebag Darrell) and singer Terry Glaze. Shortly after this formation, they added a bass player by the name of Rex Brown who would remain a constant on bass despite a change in vocalists.

            In 1987 Mr. Glaze was replaced by vocalist Phil Anselmo on the bands quest for a unique and predominantly heavier sound. By the 90’s they had mastered this transition and fans around the world began to take notice of their 1990 release, “Cowboys From Hell’.  By the mid 90’s the band had gained international attention and succeeded in debuting the album, ‘Far Beyond Driven’ in the number one position on the Billboard 200 charts.

            Metal fans worldwide recognize the intricate and skull laced imagery associated with Pantera shirt designs and commonly found on our best-selling Pantera merchandise. The Pantera store is full of great itmes such as Pantera belt buckles and a variety of Pantera shirts with designs that are mostly of snakes and skulls. A newer Pantera shirt shows concert photos in homage to the success the band enjoyed before disbanding officially in 2003. Sadly, Dimebag Darrel was lost the following year when he was shot and killed by a crazed fan while performing onstage with his band Damage Plan. This chain of events lay to rest all hope Pantera fans had of seeing a reunion.

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