Info About The Pink Floyd Store

            Pink Floyd are legends in their respective psychedelic genre and the first of their kind. Their commercial success has exceeded any other band to date and while they are no longer functioning as their original line up, Roger Waters and two of the surviving members of the band, Nick Mason and David Gilmour have discussed doing future charity performances together.

            Pink Floyd are master story tellers using carefully crafted lyrics and guitar mastery to bring their music to life. They started playing together in 1965 and have been enjoyed by generations of fans since. Due to their global presence and huge audience base, Pink Floyd merchandise is highly coveted by fans everywhere. There have been dozens of Pink Floyd shirts over the years that have shown variations of the iconic prism and rainbow. A telling symbol of a true Pink Floyd listener is a classic Dark Side Of The Moon shirt. No band t-shirt collection is complete without one.

            If you’re looking for a gift for a seasoned music lover, consider a truly original Pink Floyd beach towel or a Dark Side Of The Moon baseball hat.

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