Info About The Slipknot Store

            Slipknot is a band of the heaviest metal variety that spent some time marinating in the under belly of Des Moines, Iowa before bursting onto the scene in 1995. Aside from the aggressive and absolutely chaos ridden sound that is achieved by having 9 guys on stage performing in unison, Slipknot are most widely known for their unique appearance. Each member (there are only 8 now, RIP Paul Gray 2010) has adopted a stage persona which is characterized by an identical pair of coveralls with their respective number on the back (1-9), and a mask or head piece of their choosing.

            Slipknot merchandise has long been sought after by fans of the band and our online Slipknot store meets this desire with great gusto. There is something for everyone from a long time collector to a fist time listener. Slipknot T-shirts like the Slipknot Rusty Frame All Over Print shirt design capture the intensity of the bands live performances and characterizes each member in a memorable way. If you’re searching for the ultimate gift for a fan, check out the Slipknot fingerless gloves. These have been an extremely popular go to item amongst fans and musicians alike and are held in high regard for their expert design and warmth provision.

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