Info About The Superman Store

            Superman is a pop culture phenomenon that started out as a comic strip created by two high school kids who lived in Ohio in the 1930’s. Superman is a fictitious character who is an alien to earth’s atmosphere and who arrives here after a catastrophe sees him become the lasts survivor of his kind. He is adopted by a naive, but very warm and loving couple who raise him to be a humanitarian and teach him to harness his inner strength for the sake of good. He bears incredible strength, is extremely fast and can leap so high he can clear a tall building like it’s nobody’s business.

            Superman is cherished by fans of all ages across a multitude of media and remains a strong presence in North American culture. Fans of this incredibly muscle-bound, but also smart and handsome hero often collect as much Superman merchandise as they can get their hands on. It’s no surprise that the Classic Logo Superman t-shirt is the brands hottest seller. The Superman Store is a great place for collecters and gift buyers because you can find great items such as Suprman ice cube trays, coffee mugs, and a huge selection of Superman belt buckles.

            Though Superman seems like he is completely impenetrable, there is one thing that can really stick a monkey wrench in his plans. That thing is Kryptonite. For those unfamiliar with this fictional substance, it’s the crippling ore forum of an extremely radioactive material from Superman’s hometown. For some reason, it completely immobilizes the guy, but he usually shows it who is boss and overcomes even the most impossible adversity.

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