Info About The Wiz Khalifa Store

            Wiz Khalifa is a relative newbie to fame in the hip hop scene. He hails from Pittsburgh, PA and is often associated with other hip hop artists like Mac Miller, Yelawolf ad Snoop Dogg. Based on his image and the message in many of his songs, his fans see him as the second coming of Snoop Dogg because of the variety of references to marijuana in both his songs and on the imagery in the designs on his merchandise. Many of his songs reference his own record label, Taylor Gang, which is named after his high school and his love of Chuck Taylor sneakers.

            Wiz Khalifa merchandise was one of the biggest selling licenses of 2012 and 2013 with the release of the album, ONIFC, which spawned prints like the Wiz Khalifa Work Hard Play Hard Tank Top, the Turn Up Shirt and a variety of others.  One of his most popular tracks references TGOD, which stands for Taylor Gang Or Die, which also made for a hugely successful tee design. One of the most recent fashion trends in street culture has been the resurgence of old school 90’s style sweatshirts, and in the Wiz Khalifa store, you can find 2 versions of these throwback Wiz Khalifa sweatshirts featuring the Wiz Khalifa and Taylor gang logos. But that's not it for rare items, we've even got the Wiz Khalifa Basketball Jersey, so for all of you who plan to be on the basketball court this summer, you've got to check this one out!

            It’s clear that for summertime tunes and summertime tees, Wiz is our man!

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