Info About The KISS Store

            KISS are a four piece iconic American rock/glam metal band most famous for their elaborate on stage wardrobe and stunning stage performance, not to mention a bass guitar payer known to spit mouthfuls of fake blood into the crowds. KISS began in 1973 are and currently active as of 2013, being led by Vocalist and bass player Gene Simmons. To date, there are 2 remaining original members of the band, Gene and Paul Stanley. KISS is almost always on a world tour, selling out venues that new popular bands couldn’t dream of filling. KISS are often revered as one of the greatest, legendary American rock bands of all time.

            KISS merchandise is so prevalent that you can find almost anything emblazoned with the KISS logo or those 4 famous painted faces. The KISS store is full of a huge variety of KISS t shirts featuring album covers, band members, and a variety of band logos from over the years. KISS fans are widely known to be great collectors of KISS merch, and often buy every single item available on the market to add to their massive collection of goods. Here, you can find such items as the KISS tabletop pinball machine, KISS pint glass sets and even a variety of KISS baby clothes!

            You can even find KISS items for all occasions; if you plan on going skiing this winter, check out the KISS ski masks and make yourself look like your favorite member of the band! Maybe you’ve got some free time, why not sit down with a 1000 piece KISS puzzle?

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