Waiting For Season 7? Looking for a new Big Bang Theory Tee?

Season 6 of the Big Bang Theory ended in May 2013, and has left a huge hole in the hearts of fans everywhere. With the departure of Leonard and a huge advance in Sheldon and Amy’s relationship, the people have taken to the internet to speculate what will happen in the series next. In the interim, fans continue to pour into the Big Bang Theory store in search of Big Bang Theory merchandise to add to their collections!big bang theory tee

Bazinga! Popular as ever Big Bang Theory tee

One of the most popular Big Bang Theory t-shirts to this day remains the Bazinga t-shirt. Bazinga is the catch phrase used by Sheldon Cooper to indicate that he is joking, and has resulted in many comedic situations over the series. This Big Bang Theory tee is available in numerous different colors, but the most popular of which is the purple version. As many of the characters on the show are seen wearing brightly colored shirts and hoodies, this shirt is in line with what the characters themselves would wear.

Bring on Season 7!

Fans of the show have watched the characters grow over the years. They have debated the merits of Penny and Leonard’s relationship, watched Raj grow more comfortable with talking to women, and anticipated the twists and turns in Amy and Sheldon’s relationship. Still going strong as the earlier seasons, the show enjoys a large fan following that crave more Big Bang Theory… and are always waiting for the next great Big Bang Theory Tee!

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