Breaking Bad shirt, Lets Cook, Really Hits the Essence of the Show

breaking bad shirtMaybe we’re reading into this to how so much, but the Breaking Bad shirt, Lets Cook, is seriously one of the coolest shirts we’ve come across in a while. And we don’t mean just because the shirt itself is cool (I mean come on, a silhouette of Heisenberg in a meth beaker? How bad ass is that!), but also because it really hits the core of the show! And as it is available in all sizes, men and women everywhere can rest easy knowing this shirt is only a click away from arriving on your doorstep!

A break down of the Breaking Bad shirt, Lets Cook

The beaker is representative of the mixing of Walter White’s personal life and drug life. Perfect imagery for this as the beaker doubles for both uses! Furthermore, the silhouette of Heisenberg embossed on the beaker is interesting as there is no distinct face attached to it. This symbolizes the mythos of Heisenberg and his mysterious nature, but also Walters desire to keep Heisenberg separate from his personal life. There is no trace of Walter attached to the Heisenberg face on the beaker! For this reason, we think this Breaking bad shirt is pretty neat. Or maybe we are just reading WAY too into a cool, yet simple t shirt design. We’ll let you be the judge!

Breaking Bad, the coolest show on the air

This Breaking Bad shirt gets its awesomeness from the show itself. Premiering in 2008, the show has gained a loyal following during the course of the series. Fans love speculating Heisenberg’s next move, and for that reason the internet is abuzz waiting for the premier of the latest season. Stay tuned to the Breaking Bad store because with the popularity of this show on the rise, who knows what kind of cool Breaking Bad shirts we will get in stock!

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