The Tardis on the Doctor Who T-Shirt

Doctor Who is one of the longest running science fiction shows in the world. Premiering in the 1960s, the show has continued to run until today (save a brief hiatus between 1989 to 1996 and from 1996 to 2005), garnering diversity in ages of fans of the show. But what is the most popular image featured on a Doctor Who t-shirt? It’s no surprise, but it is the loveable TARDIS! The TARDIS (short for Time And Relative Distance In Space), is a sentient time machine that allows the Doctor to move throughout time with ease.

doctor who t-shirtWhy do fans love the Doctor Who t-shirt, Linear Tardis, so much?

Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the design. On a plain navy blue shirt, this Doctor Who t-shirt features a very simplistic, white linear outline of the TARDIS, with the classic Doctor Who logo at the top. This logo is anything but representative of the TARDIS itself, as the time travelling police box is quite impressive. Designed to be larger inside than out, it can transport its occupant to any point in time they please. Additionally, the Doctor and TARDIS have been known to have quite a cheeky relationship as the eleventh Doctor even went so far as to refer to her as Sexy, a name which the police box later prefers.

With so many different TARDIS designs to choose from… How Will I Ever Make Up My Mind?

We understand that Doctor Who fans can get quite fanatical about their Doctor Who shirts. That’s why the Doctor Who store stocks a number of different TARDIS t-shirts to choose from! With even the most simplistic Doctor Who t-shirt, such as the linear design, to the detailed TARDIS design on a grey shirt, fans will have no problem picking one that suits them best!

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