Support the Voilent & Loveable with Dr. Who T-Shirts!

As one of the longest running science fiction shows in the world, Doctor Who has amassed a loyal following over the years. With eleven doctors to date, fans have picked their favorite and are adamant to defend the title to anyone willing to challenge. But did you know, since it’s inception Doctor Who has suffered an element of controversy? Just by looking at the Dr Who t-shirts available, mainly featuring the loveable TARDIS, you’d never guess!

Doctor Who, a violent affairdr who t-shirts

But in the early 1970s Mary Whitehouse, a morality campaigner, complained several times to the BBC that the show was not suitable for children as it was too violent. She complained that the show was gory and frightening. However, in a surprise twist of events (or maybe it’s not THAT surprising…) that the show became actually very popular with children! This trend has continued to today, as the show remains immensely popular with children, youth and adults. Fans who grew up loving the show have introduced it to their children. When people buy Dr Who t-shirts, they aren’t just buying for themselves, they are buying for the whole family!

Doctor Who, the most violent program produced by the BBC in the 1970s

Maybe the masses have since been desensitized by films like Saw and Hostel, but it’s hard to believe that the violence featured in Doctor Who at one point fit the bill as the most violent program. Lucky for audiences everywhere, this perceived violence did not stop the production of the program. The show has continued through the controversy and went on to become one of the best science fiction shows of all time! As the show progresses and continues to gain popularity, fans should keep an eye out on the Doctor Who store for new Dr Who t-shirts!

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