Metal shirts, on the Rise or on the wane

Metal shirts have been around since as long as music fans can remember. Largely a creation of the late 1960s, the music found its niche in loud music, extended guitar solos and amplified distortion. Since then, bands such as Motorhead, Iron Maiden, and Black Sabbath have paved the way for metal bands around the world. As the genre evolved, too, have the kinds of metal, spawning everything from death metal to metalcore to nu metal. With each of these new genres comes new bands and unique styles afforded to the metal shirts that are produced in support of them.

metal shirts

But is metal on the way out?

As with every genre, musical styles wax and wane in popularity. Metal hit commercial success in the 1980s with the induction of glam metal and bands like Motley Crue and Poison, and has since enjoyed steady support from its audiences. While many disagree on what qualifies as ‘good metal’, one thing for sure is, metal isn’t going anywhere for along time. Fans continue to support the classic metal bands they have come to know and love, with classic metal shirts being a steady seller, but fans have also branched out to embrace the new genres of metal.

Metal shirts show no decline

The sheer volume of metal shirts purchased everyday is a good indication that metal won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. As new genres of metal continue to evolve, so too do the metal shirts associated with them. The crazier the genres get, the more intense the shirts get as well. With such a rich history, its hard to imagine a world without metal, and luckily for fans, the genre appears to only be increasing in popularity.

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