The most Recognizable Metallia Tshirt out there

Everyone and their dog have at least heard of Metallica. As one of the most influential and infamous metal bands out there, most people have heard a song or two throughout their music listening career. Fans will agree, however, that the Master of Puppets image is one of the most recognized Metallica albums out there. The Metallica tshirt, Master of Puppets all over print capitalizes on this recognition and offers a new take on such a classic print. This shirt has blown up the Master of Puppets album cover to cover the whole shirt in a warm yellow, red and orange hue.metallica tshirt

Master of Puppets Metallica tshirt

(this is a terrible headline, I’m sorry)
Master of Puppets was the third studio album by the band and the last to feature Cliff Burton before his death. The album has received praise from critics both within and outside of the metal industry, indicating the cross appeal of the album. It is perhaps, for this reason, that the Master of Puppets Metallica tshirt is so popular. Beginner Metallica fans use it as a gateway to the great music they have made, and veteran Metallica fans hail it as classic Metallica.

The most played Metallica song

Master of Puppets, the titular track of the Master of Puppets album is the most played Metallica song to be performed live. Consequently, fans love having this iconic Metallica tshirt to wear to Metallica concerts to profess their love for this infamous heavy metal album. Additionally, critics have hailed the live performance of the song as ‘a classic in all its eight minute glory.’

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