Need a Metallica Hoodie? Let’s talk about Napster first.

Everyone remembers the introduction of Napster. That pioneering peer-to-peer file sharing site that allowed people to download music free of charge? Almost synonymous with Napster is Metallica. Metallica found an unreleased track on Napster and proceeded to sue the company. Many criticized the band, claiming Metallica merchandise runs a huge range, fans can buy everything from a Metallica hoodie to a Metallica beach towel, and consequently don’t need the money. Others hailed Metallica for defending their intellectual property.

Increase in downloading means an increase in merchandisemetallica hoodie

Since Metallica’s iconic lawsuit in the early 2000’s, many bands and artists have followed suit. Few have been successful, and downloading has become as popular as ever. As the rise in downloading has taken over how consumers receive their music, bands have begun to rely more on merchandise sales. What this means for the average music fan is that Metallica hoodie you bought means more than it did 20 years ago. It also encourages bands to get creative with their merchandise. To make new designs, offer new hoodies and overall increase the volume they produce! It also means that the t-shirts you buy for smaller, up and coming bands, will mean more to them as well!

Metallica and Napster have since resolved their differences

Since this iconic lawsuit, Metallica and Napster have resolved their differences. Metallica has put their music to be available online and embraced the changing way of the music industry, along with many other iconic bands. As bands embrace this change, so should fans. Wear your Metallica hoodie with pride and show off your Iron Maiden t-shirt on a regular basis. As you continue to download music, remember to continue to show your support for the band, buy their merchandise, attend their concerts and be vocal about how great they are!

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