Scare Your Mom, Scare Your Kids, Wear Slayer T-Shirts

Have you thought to yourself lately, man, my kids are really comfortable. They think I’m the most normal parent out there and their friends aren’t totally afraid of me. What gives? Clearly you don’t own enough Slayer t-shirts! Slayer t-shirts are the best way to illicit a reaction out of your children and keep them on their toes. With most featuring gruesome and scary looking skulls, a Slayer t-shirt is likely to scare your children into doing their chores, and keeping their friends in line through fear! The only problem with this is that it could backfire on you. What if your kids now think you are the coolest parent out there because you like Slayer, just like them? Now they want the same Slayer t-shirt you have!

slayer t-shirtsSlayer T-Shirts, I mean, Why Not?

Think about it for a second. Think about all the boring shirts you have right now. There’s probably some plain black ones in there, maybe that joke shirt with a fuzzy cat wearing sunglasses your grandmother bought you in a misguided attempt at a present, but really, we’re willing to bet your closet is kind of boring (except the cat shirt, seriously, so cool). So why WOULDN’T you get a Slayer t-shirt? They are literally the coolest shirts known to man! Skulls wearing gas masks? Yes please! Bad ass looking eagles in front of interlocking swords? Bring it on! Slayer t-shirts are LITERALLY (and by literally we mean figuratively) the coolest thing you could ever want to buy.

Isn’t that enough?

We think we’re made a pretty good case for why everyone on the planet should buy a Slayer shirt. And the Slayer store is well equipped to handle the demand, with several different Slayer t-shirts available for purchase, you can pick your favorite!

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