Sons of Anarchy Apparel

sons of anarchy apparel

One theme throughout the Sons of Anarchy series has been violence. Its hard to imagine an outlaw biker gang not engaging in at least SOME violence, so understandably its present on the show. This element of the show shines through to the Sons of Anarchy merchandise as much of it features skulls holding guns, knives and other such weapons. This gives the Sons of Anarchy apparel an authentic feel, after all, that’s what the show is about!sons of anarchy apparel

Season 6, sure to be bloody and violent

In May 2013, Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has indicated that season six will be the most violent season to date. This is sure to make for an interesting season, we here at ROCKWORLDEAST just hope they don’t kill off anymore of our favorite characters (we miss you Opie!). With this increase in violence, we only hope that the Sons of Anarchy apparel maintains its current status of ‘kick ass’ – although we are sure that the Sons of Anarchy clothing will remain just as full of violent skulls as ever.

Sons of Anarchy apparel, the perfect way to show your love for the show

Despite the perceived violence in the show and the subsequent influence it has had on Sons of Anarchy apparel, fans just can’t get enough of these t-shirts. With the classic reaper skull adorning much of the merchandise available, the shirt is the perfect blend of ‘appropriate’ and ‘bad ass’, making these items very popular. Its hard to walk down any busy street these days and not see at least one Sons of Anarchy shirt!

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