Demand for a Sons of Anarchy Shirt

sons of anarchy shirt

Sons of Anarchy is a show that has taken the TV world by storm. Premiering in 2008, the show has hit critical acclaim by fans and critics alike. The premier of season 5 was viewed by 5.37 million viewers, which was the highest rating in the show’s history. It is no surprise then that almost every fan of the show has at least one Sons of Anarchy shirt. Fans of the show are adamant in their support for the show and thus it is not uncommon to see at least one Sons of Anarchy shirt in any large crowd.

sons of anarchy shirtSons of Anarchy shirt, Reaper Outlaw, most popular

The most popular of these Sons of Anarchy shirts is the Reaper Outlaw Sons of Anarchy shirt. This features a small SOA reaper logo on the breast of the shirt, with a full color back print of the reaper logo holding a rifle. Available in all sizes, this shirt has become a fan favorite. In part, the success of the Sons of Anarchy merchandise can be attributed to its likeness to the clothing worn by the characters on the show. Fans can feel as though they are a part of the crew, therefore, as the shirts and hoodies bear the same logo as the ones on the crew’s jackets.

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Anticipated

Sons of Anarchy fans can rejoice in the announcement of season 6 of the show. In anticipation for the premier, fans should check out the Sons of Anarchy store which has plenty of Sons of Anarchy shirts to choose from. While the , Outlaw Reaper, may be the most popular, it is by far not the only one. Fans should be sure to keep an eye on the store in anticipation of the sixth season as more Sons of Anarchy gear is sure to roll in!

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