Prepare for the premier of Season seven of The Big Bang Theory with The Big Bang Theory Shirts!

Prepare for the premier of Season seven of The Big Bang Theory with The Big Bang Theory Shirts! No one could have guessed in 2007 when the show premiered that the Big Bang Theory would hit such international success as it has! With a very loyal fan base, fans tune in religiously to new episodes, and are known for their avid devotion to Big Bang Theory merchandise such as The Big Bang Theory t-shirts. We’re not surprised then that fans have been on the hunt for new Big Bang Theory shirts since the announcement of season 7, set to air in September!

the big bang theory shirts

Tons of The Big Bang Theory Shirts to choose from

With the much anticipated season 7 just around the corner we will finally learn if Leonard and Penny’s relationship has persevered through their time apart. And what better way to commemorate this discovery than with The Big Bang Theory shirts! With so many different ones to choose from, fans shouldn’t fear accidently wearing the same shirt as someone else at your premier watch party! With everything from Bazinga to Soft Kitty, fans have their choice of Sheldon Cooperisms to brand themselves with!

Unanswered questions, how will the show progress?

With all the interest in the new season, its not surprising that The Big Bang Theory shirts have been flying off the shelves! The advent of Raj being able to speak with women is one new quirk that fans are eager to see play out. We are left too, wondering, where will Leonard’s and Penny’s relationship go next? Will Sheldon and Amy finally get intimate? Who knows! Hopefully the premier of season 7 will answer some of these questions!

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