Show up your friends – Wear a The Walking Dead Shirt modelled after the comics!

the walking dead shirt

We love our friends, but secretly you know you always want to be the coolest person in the group. And what better way to do that than with a The Walking Dead shirt modeled after the comics? Most know that the show is based on the popular comic series of the same name, but we’re willing to bet that few people have any Walking Dead merchandise based on the comic book! This features more gritty imagery and just as much violence!

The Walking Dead Shirt, Faces, Shows the Many faces of Zombies

The Walking Dead Shirt, Faces, is one of the coolest shirts we carry. This shirt shows cartoonized zombie faces straight out of the comic book. Non-zombie characters are also shown on the shirt reacting to the zombies in the panels so close to them. And who can blame them, why would you want to be that close to a zombie? You wouldn’t! The different facial expressions represented on the shirt are pretty close to how we think that we would react to seeing zombies… a combination of fear and awe!

Walking Dead Season 4 set to premier in October

The Walking Dead shirt, Faces, is perfect for the premier! Set for October, this is a much anticipated release and is sure to be the watching event of the season. If the past popularity of the show has taught us anything, it’s that Walking Dead is always well received and this episode is sure not to disappoint!

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